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Make it a Jolly Christmas holiday with Amari Dhaka


Dhaka, December 2017: The month of December rekindles the mood for festivals as the jingling of the bells draw closer – an indication of the nearing Christmas. At Amari Dhaka, we celebrate Christmas with a host of mouth-watering specialities made to reflect the warm and welcoming taste of Christmas.To begin with, Amari Dhaka is offering a rich set menu featuring a selection of items that will mesmerize even the most critical of food enthusiasts. The menu contains 4 parts –Appetizers, Soup, Main Course & Dessert.
The appetizer contains mushrooms and herbs feta vol – au – vent crunchy puffed pastry filled with mixed mushroom and herbs. The soup selection is sumptuous with Italian tomato & basil soup or chicken and tortilla soup.
The highlight of the menu is the main course consisting of Christmas style roasted turkey with braised brussels sprout, potato lyonnais and cranberry. There is also smoked turkey bacon sauces and gravey. Last but not least, the desserts contain classic Christmas pudding with vanilla sauce and fruits salad. Moreover, there is an opulent collection of cakes and pastries including the only Nordic Specialties in the city.
The set menu can be availed at BDT 2499 per person only.


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