Malayasia offers a chance to legalise 30,000 Bangladeshi expatriates

Malayasia offers a chance to legalise 30,000 Bangladeshi expatriates


As many as 30,000 Bangladeshi expatriates are likely to be legalised as the Malaysian government has offered an opportunity to illegal expatriates.

Expatriates’ Welfare and Overseas Employment Minister Khandker Mosharraf Hossain announced at a press conference on Thursday the Malaysian government offer that will regularise illegal expatriates since Oct 21.

“The Malaysian government has allowed foreigners living illegally in the country to be legalised following some procedures by Jan 21,” said Mosharraf.

He is optimistic that about 30,000 Bangladeshis would avail of the opportunity.

Those who have reported their illegal stay to police between Sept 1, 2011 and Sept 10 this year will be eligible to apply for legal status.

The applications would have to be moved through the Bangladesh High Commission in Malaysia and their employers to the ‘One Stop Centre’ in the country’s Home Ministry.

A worker’s passport, registration receipt and police report should be attached with the application.

Those without passport have been advised to contact Bangladesh High Commission in the country.

A total of 267,000 illegal Bangladeshi workers have been registered since Sept 2011 in Malaysia. Of them, 202,000 have already been legalised, 25,000 returned home, while 30,000 were denied legal status.

Mosharraf sees this new offer as a golden opportunity for the 30,000 workers denied


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