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Mapping monitoring urban health talked at IUH confce


On the 3rd day of 12th International Urban Health Conference, total 14 sessions with individual themes took place. There were six (6) Breakout sessions, six (6) special sessions and two (2) plenary sessions.
The plenary session-five on ‘Measuring, mapping and Monitoring Urban Health” was chaired by Mr. Peter Kim Streatfield discussed different issues on urban health monitoring and surveillance system? The speakers at the session talked over the current scenario of urban health surveillance system from Bangladesh, Kenya and Canadian perspective and recommended way forwards.Two special sessions on two different topics took place. One was on the coverage of maternal and newborn interventions for urban poor and the other was on designing household surveys to capture the health and socio-demographic status of urban settings.
The plenary session six was on governance of urban health. The speakers talked about the scopes of creating livable community for all ages in the urban settings. They also discussed the relationship between environment and health. Linda Gibbs, Former Deputy Mayor of New York city, Joshua Franzel from ICMA, Uta Dietrich from UNU-IIG and Abul Barakat, professor of Deptt. of Economics, Dhaka University made presentations in the session.
A special session (session-14) on primary health care in the urban areas of the low and middle income countries was organised by UPHCSDP and it was chaired by Mr. Ashoke Madhab Roy, Additional Secretary, Logal Government Division Bangladesh. The special session 15 was on the effective use of data to design and adopt programs. The session was chaired by Alex Ezeh, executive Director of APHRC and co-chaired by John Otsola from IntraHealth/MLE, Kenya.
A special session on Community engagement in urban health and associated realities and strategic approaches was sponsored by JPGSPH and chaired by Lynn Freedman, Professor of Public Health from Columbia University of USA.
With the theme of strengthening governance for urban health, ICSU organised a special session on new global interdisciplinary programme on urban health. It was chaired by Mr. Jose Siri, Research Fellow of UNU-IIGH. Besides, several breakout sessions took place in different thematic areas like, Child and adolescent health risks, reproductive health and family planning, Universal Health Access, Monitoring and Evaluation of urban health programmes. A performance from “JAGO”-a local cultural group followed a gala dinner after the scientific sessions. – Press release


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