Mayors claim 'successful' animal wastes disposal this time

Mayors claim ‘successful’ animal wastes disposal this time


Mayors of the two Dhaka city corporations on Thursday claimed that they ‘successfully’ removed much before the 48-hour deadline cent percent wastes of the sacrificial animals generated during Eid-ul-Azha.They said around 4.38 lakh sacrificial animals were slaughtered in the two cities on the occasion of Eid-ul-Azha, one of the largest religious festivals of the Muslim community.The two mayors also stressed the need for carrying out a campaign to make people slaughter their sacrificial animals at the designated spots.At a press conference at Nagarbhaban around 11am, Dhaka South City Corporation (DSCC) Mayor Sayeed Khokon said, “We’ve been able to remove cent percent waste in the South City Corporation before our 48-hour deadline with the help of city dwellers.”He said around 19,008 tonnes leftovers of sacrificial animals and other wastes were removed in 324 vehicles through 902 trips in the last two days.

Besides, he said, they spread 1,000 litres anti-germ liquid and 30 tonnes bleaching power in the DSCC areas.He said around 2.40 lakh animals were slaughtered in DSCC.Khokon thanked the city dwellers and cleaners and officials of the DSCC for making their cleaning drive a success.He, however, voiced frustration over the poor response from people to their call for slaughtering sacrificial animals at 504 designated spots although claimed that the response was better than last year’s and hoped that people’s longtime habit will gradually change.Khokon regretted the sufferings of inhabitants of Shantinagar and Jurain areas as those areas were submerged by blood-mixed due to rain on the eid day. “It’s our new experience… we did have idea about it. We’ll remain alert about such unexpected matter in the future.”Earlier, the DSCC mayor inaugurated their waste cleaning drive on Tuesday, the eid day, at 2 pm and declared to remove all waste by 48 hours.At another press conference at DNCC’s Gulshan office, Dhaka North City Corporation Mayor Annisul Huq, also claimed that their corporation was also able to remove the wastes by 36 hours, 12 hours ahead of their announced deadline.”We’ could remove all the wastes with people’s cooperation. You’ve also seen there is waste nowhere in the city,” he said.Annisul said they removed around 8,000 tonnes of rubbish of sacrificial animals by deploying about 3,400 cleaners.The mayor said about 1.98 lakh animals of various types were slaughtered in the DNCC till Thursday noon.He said it had not been possible to clean the city within such a short time without active cooperation of the city dwellers and local ward councillors.The DNCC mayor said people have also become much aware about the disposal of the waste of the sacrificial animals.Annisul thanked the city dwellers and ward councillors as well as DNCC’s officials and employees, who performed their duties continuously despite Eid vacation, for successfully removing the waste much before the announced timeframe.He underscored the need for conducting a campaign to encourage people to slaughter their animals at the designated spots or slaughtering houses.Eid-ul-Azha, the second largest religious festival of Muslims, was celebrated in Dhaka and elsewhere across the country with the spirit of sacrifice and religious fervour amid rains on Tuesday.


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