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Mazaharul Islam is a popular actor


Mazharul islam, a popular actor, came into the limelight around 2010 when he performed in “joinal jadukor.” Initially he was an assistant of mohon khan for three years. In an interview with the greenwatch dhaka, he said: I am ambitious. To be an actor is my dream. Actor Mazharul Islam explained his dream. This young man step to Entertainment Industry through online Radio. Later on Thoufique Kadir’s “Magla Akash” (Rainy sky) started his acting career. How he eagerness to acting? Answered by Mazharul Islam, from his boyhood he was embraced for acting to see Humayun Farid’s acting. From onwards acting was mixed with blood. In this reason was acting profession chosen by you? Shatabdi Wadud answered within a moment. Like he was ready to answer. In this matter, dramatist Shelim Aladin “kalo Joyee Rochona”, “Juboti Koinnarr Mon” is working the same and many more drama. Now he is acting under direction of Shafiul Azom’s Drama Freedom Fighting cinema “Uddiyaman Surjo”.
He was to reach his target without popularity but he wants to reach the same by his talent. – A Correspondent


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