Mila's works for new songs

Mila’s works for new songs


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Mila’s latest album Uncensored, was released in 2015. Since then, the pop singer was only spotted in live concerts.

She just wrapped up her US tour, and returned to the country after performing in several concerts there. Thanks to her earlier music videos, she often appears on TVs these days. There has been buzz about her new album, which she is currently working on.

The pop singer is currently hold up in the studios. Mila said, “I couldn’t be easily satisfied with my work. So, I have to take longer time than usual to wrap up the whole work. That’s why, I am still busy working on the album.”

The album will be released next year, and some of the songs have already been done. She is also working on a documentary based on her life, which will be released along with the album.


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