Miles' concert cancellation in India causes uproar in social media

Miles’ concert cancellation in India causes uproar in social media


Social media once again took a nationalistic stance when a Kolkata-based Red MM radio station cancelled the concert booking of popular Bangladeshi band, Miles.The matter took a turn for worse when Kolkata band Fossils expressed their solidarity, with their lead vocalist Rupom Islam declaring that they did not intend to share the same stage with a band that posted anti-Indian messages in social media.He referred to the time when, during the last World Cup, India had defeated Bangladesh which Bangladeshis still claim foul play against the Indian cricket team, as well as other instances such as BSF shooting Bangladeshis,But when contacting Shafin Ahmed, lead vocalist and one of the founding members of Miles, he told UNB that whatever he posts in social media is what believes as a Bangladeshi citizen.

‘They have no right to misconstrue my posts as anti-Indian,’ he said, ‘during the time of the World Cup, it is natural that I will support Bangladesh, so what I write then is what I believe in, but they took it to a different context altogether.’Miles is expected to hold a press conference soon to reveal their thoughts about the incident.A campaign on Facebook, supported by Kolkota based rock band Fossils, has been running for a while in India saying that Miles members, Shafin Ahmed and his brother Hamim Ahmed, have frequently made ‘anti-India remarks’, according to BBC, which also reported that Fossils has gone to the extent of threatening to boycott Azadi Concert if Miles perform in it.Shafin replied that their fans will answer on behalf of them regarding those allegations.In their official Facebook page, Miles posted a video of Shafin and Manam Ahmed where they refused the anti-India allegations and protested the ‘shameful exclusion’ of their concert, depriving their fans in Kolkata.Fans and critics alike have expressed their disgust in Miles’ concert getting cancelled due to such reasons.Abhirup Sen Sharma, a Miles fan from Kolkata, wrote on their page that ‘it will be a great honour for him and thousands of people like him who will be gathered to see their concert in Kolkata soon’.Jack Rozario, a local fan, wrote how it is a matter of jealousy from the part of Rupom and Fossils – ‘Fossils are struggling with their music in their own country, hence the publicity stunt’.Miles has also replied to one of their fans’ comments, saying that ‘we welcome Fossils to perform in Bangladesh’.


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