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Mizanur Rahman a powerful actor in stage and mini-screen!


Mizanur Rahman is a powerful actor in Stage and TV screen.  But he never thinks and never advertises his work, for his success. There is no way to know about him. Mizanur Rahman is involved in acting since 2006 in the Theater named Shamoy Dram Group. In the year 1999, he joined the Theater Art. He joined Bangladesh Television as enlisted actor in the year 2008.Although his career started in television screen but he also works in film industry. First he started acting under Billal Ahmed, a famous director. Then Azizur Rahman’s  Gore Gore Juddo, Sayeedi’s lal Banaroshi, Taquir Ahmed’s Rupkotar Golpo, King of Acting Razzak’s Aina Kahini, Shahin Sumon’s Love Marriage, Bapparaj’s Kartuz, and Al Mamun’s Blackmail film. Shooting is on in Habibul Islam Habi directed Ratrir Jatri, Hasib Raz’s Doi Pritivi.
Mainly his is in small screen through Hasan Ranar. This time he is working TV, tin Goyenda and Nondini Drama. Mizanur Rahman said as an actor, I work with love of audience.


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