Monalisa returns to US while Mila returns

Monalisa returns to US while Mila returns


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After a long time, model and actress Monalisa came back to Bangladesh for a visit. Local groups have become curious to know whether she would stay or not. The promising model was once on the top of the entertainment world in Bangladesh

Another famous model, who lived in US for a couple of years is now also back in Dhaka. Mila Hossain, Lux Ananda Dhara Miss Photogenic 2000, left the country back in 2003. She only had a three year career in the media but performed in remarkable ads and drama serials. She came back for a while in 2014 and took part in two dramas.

This time, she is here for more than one year. However, she mentioned that her intention is to take some time off. She wants to spend time with her family.

Mila is married to Zakaria Masud Jico, editor and publisher of US based weekly paper where Mila Hossain works too.



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