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Monitor safe food supply during Ramadan: Workshop


Dhaka – Speakers at a workshop on Sundayday urged the government to strengthen the monitoring system including mobile court to ensure safe food ahead of holy Ramzan.The Bangladesh Food Safety Authority (BFSA) will launched awareness programme in 64 districts regarding safe food before starting the Ramzan.
Bangladesh Food Safety Authority (BFSA) organized a workshop on ‘role of media to ensure safe food’ held at the city’s Bangladesh Institute of International and Strategic Studies (BIISS).
Among others, food minister Qamrul Islam, information adviser to Prime Minister Iqbal Sobhan Chowdhury, chairman of parliamentary standing committee on food ministry Abdul Wadud Dara, MP, food ministry secretary Qaikobad Hossain, BFSA chairman Mohammad Mahfuzul Haque and FAO deputy representative David Dulan also spoke at the workshop.
“It is constitutional right for the people to get safe food. We have already arranged food for all and now we are working to ensure safe food for all,” Qamrul Islam told the workshop as chief guest.
According to the food minister, the government has taken initiative to ensure safe food from production to dining table.
The governments after 1975 didn’t take any steps to increase food productions, the food minister said, adding that Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina led grand alliance government has taken various steps to increase the food production.
“The government is giving incentives to farmers on agricultural sector. Now the nation is producing about 360 crore tonnes of food annually,” he added.
A section of unscrupulous traders are involved in making the market volatile creating artificial crisis, Qamrul said, adding, “we have sufficient of foods. Our Prime Minister instructed us to keep the market under control through importing rice if needed.”
He said normally flashflood comes after Boro harvesting in Haor areas—but this year the flashflood happened in advance. It is may be the result of climate change, he added.
“Taking the opportunity—some dishonest mill owners including traders creating panic among the people. The market price is now downward,” the food minister claimed. – Staff Reporter


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