More about film Ice Cream

More about film Ice Cream


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Ice cream is such a film where the word “no” is the main issue. The story might have ended differently, if the lead character could say no.

The story begins with a sweet love story of Priyota and Rounak. They meet in dramatic fashion, when both of them miss out on a last trip to the main land from an island, while returning to the city. They spend time together and finally fall in love after they get back to the city of joy, Dhaka. This sweet love story is thrown a curve ball when their union is faced with realities of life. They spend less time together, and other priorities get in the way as they realise the sweet and sour taste of life. At this point, Priyota has to face an other side of life, the less blissful one. And the other side belongs to Nadim; the rest is battling the situation. The entire story is a roller coaster ride. This sums up Redoan Rony’s film Ice Cream.

The director takes a slight risk in introducing three new faces all at once in his second film ever made. His first venture Chorabali starred famous faces such as, Joya Ahsan and Indroneel Chatterjee. This time his gamble paid off. Nazifa Tushi, as Priyota, has given a solid performance. Also, Raz as Nadim has made the audience hopeful. He can definitely play a successful hero in the near future if he chooses his projects carefully. Uday as Rounak also does justice to his roll. Overall, the three newcomers were good choices made by the director.

A good movie also depends on the cinematography and editing. DOP Orindam Bhattacharya has made this movie lucrative. The quality of shots have created a benchmark in the industry already. Songs are well connected to the story. Editing of the movie is also a strong element in this film. The description of a growing tree and parasitic plants is also a good addition to the film.

Ice Cream is a mirror reflection of the current generation. Nowadays, the choices we make are not simple, and a particular path may not be as easy as we had assumed. But we never think about the consequences. Director Rony has presented that exact point to the audience, and has successfully given food for thought. Moreover, the story is filled with glamour and has an end like most short stories.

However, there maybe be questionable points in the film, but as it is a fictional movie, there is no sense to finding logic behind every scene. A clear logic or not, this is for a generation that should be thinking deeply about love and relationships.

Overall, Ice Cream is a well-made glamorous film, where people will be entertained without shedding a single tear. It’s also a good introduction to some new promising faces like Raz, Nazifa and Uday. Ice Cream is here to make a difference and to entertain all.


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