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Mother confesses to murder of two minor Banashree sinblings


The murder of two siblings happened in total silence. The neighbours did not know when Urmi and Alvi were taken to the hospital. They learned the children were dead when their mother Mahfuza Malek Jesmin called her relatives from the hospital.

mother with her innocent children before the murder

mother with her innocent children before the murder

Unease, fear, and panic have spread among the residents and staff of House 9 of Banasree B block in Dhaka.
Curious people keep stopping by to know the updates of the brutal murder of two innocent children.
The mother of the two confessed on Thursday to killing her children, Nusrat Jahan Urmi, 14, a Class-VII student of Viqarunnisa Noon School, and her younger brother Alvi Aman, 6, a nursery student of Holy Crescent School.
They were found dead at their home on Monday night.
Earlier, family members of the murdered children said the siblings died after taking foods at a Chinese restaurant in the capital.
However, autopsies conducted by the forensic department of Dhaka Medical College Hospital, found injury marks on the throat of Urmi and Alvi’s leg and throat.
Landlord of the building, Mohammad Abdul Quader learned about the deaths when he got a call from his wife.
He told this correspondent that no one is allowed to enter the flat of the murdered children.
“Some law enforcement people came today looking for the scarf (Orna) which was used to strangle the children. But they went back with a local cotton towel instead,” said Quader.
Quoting Mahfuza Maleq Jasmine, the children’s mother, Mufti Mahmud Khan, director of RAB’s legal and media wing, said at Thursday’s press briefing that she killed them because she was anxious about the education and future of her children.
“Even a few hours before their death, I heard them reading aloud. Their mother was very serious about her children’s education. So much so, she asked for my daughter’s 6th grade study materials in anticipation of needing them for her daughter next year,” said Sufia Akter, who lives on the fourth floor.
RAB’s additional director general (ADG) Colonel Ziaul Ahsan told Prothom Alo that the siblings’ mother Jesmin confessed that she strangled her children over an extramarital affair and a family squabble.
However, none of the neighbours seemed to be aware of these family tensions.
Alvi’s classmates at Holy Crescent (Int’l) School and College are in complete shock. It is difficult for them to accept that the boy who used to sit next to them is no more.
“The most difficult part is that kids are asking about murder, killing, death and stuff like that. We are having a hard time explaining these things to our students.
I hear children are worried about whether they themselves might get killed by their own mother,” said M Monir Al-Deen, founder and chairman of Holy Crescent (Int’l) School and College.
He added, Alvi was a restless boy though he calmed down considerably since last year. … Agencies


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