Moushumi resigns from Shilpi Samiti position

Moushumi resigns from Shilpi Samiti position


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Film actress Moushumi has resigned from the position of executive member of the Chalochitro Shilpi Samity, a professional organization of the film actors in Bangladesh. She sent a letter addressed to the president of the organization on Monday.

Moushumi was elected an executive member at the recently held Bangladesh Chalochitro Shilpi Samity election. However, she did not take an oath for her position which created confusion about her engagement in the committee.

She wrote on the letter, “Due to certain personal difficulties, the responsibilities I was mandated to perform as an executive member could not be served properly by me. And for this reason, I want to step down from the position.” The letter was later posted on social media by Omar Sani, actor and husband of Moushumi.

However, Misa Sawdagar, president of Shilpi Samity, denied receiving any such letter from Moushumi. In a response to the matter, Sawdagar questioned the actress’ decision to write such a resignation letter when she has not even taken an oath.

“Moushumi did not take an oath as the executive member of the committee. On what grounds can she resign from the position?” he asked.

Following the Shilpi Samity election, Moushumi went on record to say that the incident with Shakib Khan on the election night, in which Shakib Khan was physically assaulted and forced to leave the BFDC area, ‘terrified her and forced her to think about resigning from the position’.


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