Movement to continue until CG restored: BNP

Movement to continue until CG restored: BNP


BNP acting secretary general Mirza Fakhrul on Tuesday threatened that the 18-party alliance will make its ongoing movement tougher to force the government to restore the non-party caretaker government system.

“The nation will unitedly choose the path of resistance to face the government’s repressive acts. We want to clearly state that the ongoing movement for restoring the caretaker government will be made tougher and tougher until the demand is met,” he said.

Mentioning that the government has become desperate to stop the opposition’s movement, Fakhrul said, “Our movement will continue braving the oppression and repression.”

He was addressing a post-hartal press briefing at BNP’s Nayaplatan central office.

The 18-party opposition alliance enforced the 36-hour nationwide hartal that ended 6pm on Tuesday as the government did not release its all leaders and activists, arrested from BNP’s Nayaplatan central office during a police raid on March 11.

The BNP spokesman claimed that people expressed their no-confidence in the “blood-thirsty government” by spontaneously observing the hartal.

Fakhrul said police arrested over 400 opposition activists across the country during the hartal hours on Tuesday, while more than 300 were injured in attacks by law enforcers and ‘ruling party cadres’. ”Some 4,500 BNP men were implicated in false cases.”

Besides, the law enforcers raided the houses of many BNP leaders, including its standing committee member Gayeshwar Chandra Roy, across the country and harassed their family members.

He alleged that police, Rab and ruling party cadres attacked opposition leaders and activists, damaged and looted their houses, shops during the hartal.

Crticising the police action, he said, “The attitude of the police over the last two days was very aggressive …it’s unprecedented in any civil and democratic country. They attacked our peaceful programmes and fired shots without any hesitation, injuring many leaders and activists.”

Replying to a question about destructive activities by pro-hartal activists, the BNP leader alleged that the agents of the government were involved in incidents of vehicle vandalism and arson attacks to implicate the opposition men in ‘false’ cases.

Fakhrul said the government is solely responsible for the ongoing political crisis in the country. “The government has deepened the socio-political and geographical crisis turning the country into a failed state in the interest of its master.” UNB


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