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Nearly 100 killed in India Tamil Naidu rain-induced flood


New Delhi – Incessant rains continued to disrupt normal life in Chennai and across Tamil Nadu on Monday, with the death toll rising to 95.
Many areas in Chennai have been inundated, road traffic has been severely hit and schools and colleges are shut across Chennai as a result of the inclement weather. Boats are being used in flooded areas to rescue stranded people.Defence forces have been deployed to the rescue of the people stranded in flood waters. The Indian Navy and the Coast Guard are carrying out sorties to rescue people who remain stranded in the flood waters and dropped food, water and other essentials.
Army personnel also got into swift action rescuing people with inflated rubber boats.
People taking shelter on embankments of lakes and reservoirs remain marooned and are awaiting rescue.
As many as 95 deaths have been reported in electrocution and drowning till late Tuesday night. The deah figure is likely to rise further.
Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa had earlier sought assistance of defence forces. She announced 50 new farm fresh shops which would sell vegetables at a fair price. Prices of vegetables have skyrocketed in the open market.
Meanwhile, the northern districts of the state has recess from incessant rainfall on Tuesday. Weathermen have foecast heavy rains in some other partd of the state and the southern part of Andhra Pradesh. – Agencies


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