Nepal earthquake wipes out trekking village of Langtang

Nepal earthquake wipes out trekking village of Langtang


Langtang the most beautiful village at the foot of the Himalaya and used by trekkers on their way to climbing Mount Everest has been completely wiped out in an avalanche of earth and snow triggered by the April 25 earthquake, the BBC has reported.
According to the report all 300 people, half of them foreign tourists, who were in the village at the same of the quake perished as mud and snow completely covered the village.

A BBC journalist managed to reach the remote village and talked to one survivor who his lost his mother children and all other members of the family narrated the horror. It would take time to recover the bodies from the rubble.
Emergency workers in Nepal continue to face challenges after the devastating earthquake.
Their priority is to reach the country’s remote, mountainous villages, feared to have been wiped off the map.
South Asia Correspondent Justin Rowlatt is the first reporter to visit what is thought to be the worst-affected village, Langtang. – BBC


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