No ideological reasons behind recent killings: Home Minister

No ideological reasons behind recent killings: Home Minister


Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan on Saturday alleged that a vested quarter has carried out the recent contract killings, including those of two foreigners, in order to create anarchy in the country.“We’ve unearthed who were behind the recent killings and attacks in Dhaka and outside. There are no religious or ideological reasons behind the incidents,” Khan said, while speaking at the Ramna Thana Muktijoddha Command Council’s arranged the programme at Modhubagh playground in the city, marking the 45th Victory Day.

The discussion was held with Haji Abdul Sobhan in the chair.

The home minister further said, “I think all those murder incidents were contract killings, only aiming to create anarchy and chaos in the country.”

He alleged that local and international quarters are constantly hatching various conspiracies at a time when the country is moving forward.

“No conspirator will succeed in Bangladesh as our people are united and the law-enforcers and intelligence agencies are working sincerely, even at great risk to their lives,” he observed.

Asaduzzaman Khan urged the freedom fighters and alem-ulema (religious scholars) to remain alert to the international conspiracy to stigmatize the country’s image by trying to establish that there is a presence of the so-called Islamic State (IS) in Bangladesh.


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