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Non-State Actors reaffirm 13 priority proposals on climate finance


On the eve of the One Planet Summit, non-state actors on climate reaffirm their 13 priority proposals on access to climate finance.The Paris Agreement recognized the decisive role, the responsibility and the contribution of non-state actors to States in reaching their objectives and in meeting their commitments to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). If non-state actors do not receive easier access to finance, they will be unable to meet the challenges and fulfil objectives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to limit the temperature increase below 2 degrees.
“By federating the official representatives of the major groups recognized by the UNFCCC (NGOs, Firms, Trade Unions, Local authorities, Women’s organizations, Youth organizations, Indigenous peoples, Researchers etc.), the Climate Chance Association offers a wide-ranging overview of the state and progress of non-state climate action,” pointed out Ronan Dantec, President of the Association.
Non-state actors reaffirmed their commitment to step up climate action in September 2017 in the declaration adopted during the Agadir Climate Chance Summit and attracted the highest number of signatures from diverse international non-state actors. The declaration highlighted that current levels of promised funding are not adequate to meet climate challenges, insisting on the need to facilitate access to climate finance for non-state actors, particularly local and regional governments.
The Climate Finance Coalition was formed during the 2016 Climate Chance Summit and is supported by non-state actors in their various forms. For over a year now it has carried out substantial work, drafting the Roadmap of the Climate Finance Coalition and the Marrakech Roadmap for Action on the Localization of Climate Finance, adopted during the Climate Summit of Local and Regional Leaders, COP22, as well as the declaration adopted during the 2017 UCLG World Council, the 9 December 2017 in Hangzhou.
“The document presented today contains the only package of proposals worked on to such a large extent,” explained Jean-François Habeau, Executive Director of the Global Fund for Cities Development (FMDV). It was unanimously adopted following at final open working group this Sunday as part of a side-event labelled the One Planet Summit”
The 13 priority actions to reinforce access to climate finance for non-state actors (proposal details can be found below and by following the link) have now been delivered to the Elysée Palace, the 196 UNFCCC delegations, the principal financial organizations and international donors. Climate Chance will ensure the follow up of these actors.
The non-state actors gathered during the dynamic Climate Chance Summit stress that the consensual proposals drafted as a group should be considered during discussions to be held on 12 December, with the reaffirmed outlook of strengthening concrete action to combat climate change. – Press release


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