Number of fixed broadband users increasing

Number of fixed broadband users increasing


The number of fixed broadband users in Bangladesh is growing even though the growth is much less than that of mobile internet subscribers.In a month, the number of such subscribers has increased by 47 percent. According to a report of BTRC, the number of subscribers of Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and Public Switched Telephone Networks (PSTNs) crossed 1.9 million in September.In August, their subscribers were 1.3 million, which means within a month users number increased by 600,000.During the same period in 2014, the number was 1.232 million and in 2013, it was 1.223 million. “Number of fixed broadband users will be even higher than the BTRC figure. If ISPs give actual figures, then this number will be around 2.5 to 3 million,” President of Internet Service Providers Association of Bangladesh MA Hakim told said use of fixed broadband was increasing at homes. “If those who are doing area-based internet business without licence could have been regulated, then the number of subscribers would have been more and the service, too, would have been better,” he added. Though, as per the BTRC figure, the number of fixed broadband users increased by 600,000 in a month, it was still much less compared with mobile internet users.By the end of September, the number of mobile internet users increased by 1.8 million in a month to cross 54 million.Subscriber base of WiMAX, however, continues to dwindle. Within a month, its user number dropped from around 168,000 to 165,000.During the same period last year, the number was 262,000. In 2013 it was 223,000.

Meanwhile, the BTRC has started a drive against illegal internet service providers, that are operating without licence, from September.According to a BTRC estimate, 490 ISPs are operating in the country at present.International Telecommunication Union and UNESCO‘s “The State of Broadband 2015” report placed Bangladesh at 149th position among 189 counties worldwide in internet proliferation.The report placed India at 155th and Pakistan at 156th position.In the ranking of internet use at home, Bangladesh’s position is 101 among the developing countries.


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