Govt writing to 193 countries on political situation

Govt writing to 193 countries on political situation


The government has taken an initiative to send letters to 193 UN member states clearing the government’s position over the present political situation of the country.

Foreign Minister Dr. Dipu Moni has written letters to her counterparts of those states and her ministry has already started sending those letters from Thursday night.

A number of competent sources including foreign minister’s office source have confirmed the matter to banglanews.

According to sources, the letters highlighted on a number of contemporary issues including, the activities of International Crime Tribunal, the governments initiatives to ensure neutrality and transparency of ongoing war crime trial, bringing changes of the ICT act after Shahbagh protest, ICT verdicts and its reactions, countrywide berserk of Jamaat-Shibir activists following Sayedee’s verdict, loses of lives during those rampage and actions of the law enforcing agencies.

Meanwhile, translated video clips of home minister’s speech over those issues has been included with those letters.

A competent source of foreign ministry said Jamaat-Shibir has strong diplomatic network all over the globe. They are spreading propaganda over the ongoing trial of war crime worldwide. They are creating pressure on the government through different countries and international organisations.

Twenty-seven EU countries along with Turkey have already sent official requests to the government urging not to issue death sentences to the war criminals, it added.

Another source said the initiative of the government against Jamaat-Shibir is not sufficient as they have strong international network. The government is yet to develop a website on the activities of the tribunal. Even, it did not take any proper step in this regard.

However, nobody urged to stop the trial. They only raised questions over the trial process and its transparency, says the source.

The letter cleared the government’s position following all questions raised by the international community.

The letter clearly stated that the government has taken such initiative even after 42 years of independence on basis of people’s demand. The trial has been arranged not to harass anybody politically.

The trial process is neutral and transparent and it will create an example for the international community, the letter added.


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