Open house 15 March: ESL, citizenship class in Jamaica Hills

Open house 15 March: ESL, citizenship class in Jamaica Hills


South Asian Fund for Education, Scholarship and Training (SAFEST)
South Asian Fund for Education, Scholarship and Training will be a tax free 501(c)(3) organization to serve the South Asian community throughout the City of New York and anywhere possible.
SAFEST is a non-political. Bipartisan, and Community based organization dedicated to improve the lives of immigrant South Asians.

SAFEST goal is to educate and train hundreds of South Asian immigrant, youth, adults, men and women especially those that are unemployed and underemployed everywhere in the community.
SAFEST will inform South Asians and the broader public regarding their rights, benefits, and working conditions in the workplace. it will host workshops, job seminars and job training classes for those who need the most with the mission of educating the public, policy makers, and elected officials.
SAFEST will enhance, promulgate, and promote civic engagement, participation, and volunteerism among the South Asian community.
at large.
SAFEST will endeavor to educate new immigrants most of whom are living in poverty fro the day of arrival in our community by providing them the education, citizenship training, job skills, Affortable housing and guidance needed to succeed to join in the existing workforce.
SAFEST will pursue the objective of integrating South Asian with the existing the political system by being involved in the bipartisan electoral process.
SAFEST will lead in organizing, educating, training, registering new voters, helping them to understand the importance of voting, understanding candidates’ position on important issues, agendas and how they relate to them to their community.
SAFEST also believes our youth are our future and will focus on the growing base of South Asian youth and inter-generational movement building.
SAFEST is committed to our youth and will inspire them to fight for socio-economic justice and discrimination in the years ahead and will transform them as leaders in their respective generations and communities benefiting all those who will follow.
SAFEST will undertake, time to time different need based projects, throughout the year to benefit the communities it represents
SAFEST intends to work hand in hand with hundreds of other socio-economic education related organizations throughout the city in demanding equal opportunity, fairness, and justice for all.
SAFEST will continue to create stronger bonds and ties with all other community based progressive entities throughout the city and beyond.
Board of Directors: Mazeda A. Uddin. Founder / CEO
Burhan Hawlader, Director of Development) Principal), Anwarul Azim Uddin, Vice President (Marketing), Address: 165-23 Hillside Avenue – 2nd Floor, Jamaica, NY 11432, Phone: (646)-318-4617, Email: – Press release


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