Padma's unabated erosion poses threat to city protection embankment in Rajshahi

Padma’s unabated erosion poses threat to city protection embankment in Rajshahi


The massive and unabated erosion in the river Padma has been posing a serious threat to the city protection embankment, officials and others concerned here said.
In the wake of receding floodwater in the mighty river, erosion has taken a serious turn in three-kilometer upstream portion of the city especially Bulanpur, Harupur, Noboganga, Sonaikandi and Berpara.The peoples’ concerned have become panicked amid the devastating situation in fear of further loosing dwelling house and croplands.Mohasin Ali, 70, a resident of Noboganga area, says hundreds acres of cropping fields and large number of dwelling houses were devoured by the erosion.In Sonaikandi, city’s western area, the erosion is taking place massively due to strong water current. Likewise, the erosion has taken a serious turn in the area from Berpara to Noboganga via Sonaikandi where two big I embankments are located to protect the city protection embankment. “If the erosion prolongs, the No 3 Nabaganga and No 5 Bulanpur ‘I’ embankments to protect the city might not be protected,” said Shahabuddin, Superintending Engineer of BWDB.Nazrul Islam, Chairman of Haripur Union Parishad, said river erosion has taken a serious turn in around three-kilometer area with receding of floodwater in the river Padma.Along the bank of the river, the affected people are passing their days with deep anxiety due to their vulnerable condition.  Houses of more than 500 families were reportedly facing the erosion threat at present, he added.If this situation continues, he apprehended that hundreds of dwelling houses along with schools, mosques and crops lands would be eroded. “The erosion has eaten up vast tract of crop fields,” said UP Chairman Nazrul Islam.Meanwhile, Fazley Hossain Badsha, MP, Meraj Uddin Mollah, MP, BWDB Superintending Engineer Shahabuddin, Executive Engineer Harun-Or-Rahid and Paba UNO Razzaqul Islam, and others concerned visited some of the affected areas during the last couple of days. All of them assured the affected people that they would take effective measures in this regard.

BSS, Rajshahi


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