Partha Barua's album for children to be launched today

Partha Barua’s album for children to be launched today


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Popular music star Partha Barua has played an instrumental role in a new project for children. This project aims to bring out new original songs for children. The first manifestations of this project, a compilation of twelve songs will be released today at Bangladesh Shishu Academy.

The songs of this album are none other than musical adaptations of old and famous rhymes for children. The compilation also includes poetry recitations by elocutionist Mahidul Islam. It has been produced by Bangladesh Shishu Academy. Songs of the album has been sung by twelve children all of whom have won Jatiya Shishu Puroskar. Partha Barua has composed and arranged music for the songs.
About the project Anzir Liton, director of Bangladesh Shishu Academy says that the famous age old rhymes of our culture are getting lost every day. Some of them included in children’s educational textbooks are the only ones to survive. To modernize them and secure them they have been transformed into songs. He also noted that though nowadays there are a lot of TV reality shows new songs for children are not being produced. So to give children songs chiefly for themselves this new endeavour will also serve its purpose.
Rhymes that have been adapted are Shamsur Rahman’s “Rupkatha”, Hosne Ara’s “Safdar Doctor”, Lutfor Rahman Riton’s “Bang Lang Tang”, Hasan Hafiz’s “Nasikar Gorjon”, Sukumar Barua’s “Thik Achhe” etc.
Partha Barua said that this is his first work with children’s rhymes and the work has been exhausting but he has enjoyed it. He further added that there are really no new songs for children. So he has rather chosen to pick his lyrics from popular rhymes.


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