Peaceful movement is strategy not weakness: BNP

Peaceful movement is strategy, not weakness: BNP


Dhaka, Feb 12– Maintaining a soft line of action after the court verdict against Khaleda Zia, BNP senior party leaders said their strategy is now to gain public sympathy and not to lose party’s strength, and have its image tarnished ahead of the next general election.Talking to UNB, two BNP senior leaders said their main plan is now to carry out a peaceful movement avoiding any type of confrontation with police or ruling party men and thus keep its rank and file in good mood and help prepare the party for the next general election.
They said their party will join the next polls under any circumstances, and they believe BNP will be able to ‘return to power’ if its leaders and activists can show their real strength on the voting day.
“We know any type of harsher and violent programme now will only invite danger to our party men which will eventually make them demoralised and weaken the party. We won’t show our strength now. We’ll do whatever necessary to ensure a fair election after the announcement of the election schedule. We’ll put up our all strength on the election day to ensure our victory,” said a BNP policymaker wishing anonymity.
He also said they are circulating this particular message among their followers so that they refrain from responding to any provocation by the government. “We’re telling them to get united and prepare for the next polls.”
Besides, he said, they do not want to engage in any type of fight with police or Awami League men to manifest that BNP can be run in a peaceful and disciplined manner under its acting chairman Tarique Rahman.
Contacted, BNP secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir said the main motive behind convicting their chairperson is to keep her and BNP away from the next election. “But it won’t work. Our chairperson will come out of jail through legal process.”
He said their party will carry out a peaceful and non-violent movement demanding the release of their chairperson Khaleda Zia alongside a legal battle at the apex court.
Fakhrul said the next election will surely be held under a non-party administration, and they will join it under Khaleda’s leadership.
BNP standing committee member Khandaker Mosharraf Hossain said peaceful programme is not their weakness rather it is a strategy to overcome the current situation and get huge public sympathy.
“Khaleda Zia is now more popular than she was before February 8. Many common people also cried hearing the verdict. People are also appreciating our line of action. So, we’ll continue to do it,” said.
Mosharraf, however, feared that the government may carry out some subversive incidents to blame BNP and mislead people. “We’re very careful about it, and we’ve also asked our party men to remain alert.”
He also thinks keeping the party united, overcoming the current critical time, running the party smoothly and taking it to the election drumming up public support and strengthening the party’s strength are surely a big challenge for their acting chairman Tarique Rahman.
“But our all senior leaders are sincerely cooperating with him to successfully face the situation. We’ll work out plans in consultation with him and our secretary general will execute those,” Mosharraf said.
The BNP leader said their senior leaders will also visit different districts to give the grassroots various directions, keep them in an upbeat mood and prepare for the next general election.
Another BNP standing committee member Amir Khasru Mahmud Chowdhury said BNP is a democratic and peace-loving party. “So, we’ll continue a peaceful movement alongside getting ready for the next general election to ensure our party’s return to power.”
Replying to a question, Khasru also said their acting chairman is also directing them to remain united, carry out the movement in a peaceful manner and strengthen the party.
“We’ll once again probe the able leadership of Tarique Rahman by making the party stronger further and remaining united defying all odds and obstacles,” he said.
Party senior joint secretary general Ruhul Kabir Rizvi said they will first ensure Khaleda’s release from jail. “We hope she’ll be freed from jail very soon. We’ll then fully prepare for the next polls.” – UNB


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