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People extremely disturbed by extortionists: Charmonai Pir


The Pir Shabeb of Charmonai Mufti Syed Muhammad Rezaul Karim on Tuesday urged the government to restrain its party activists and extortionists and help the people to observe the holy eid peacefully.
In a statement issued to the press Mufti Rezaul Karim who is also the Amir of Islami Andolan Bangladesh, said the people have become seriously annoyed at the high handedness of the extortionists of the leaders and workers of the ruling party across the country.As the Eid was approaching and people were preparing for Kurbani (sacrifice) extortionists have vitiated the atmosphere at the sacrificial animal markets. Extreme partisanism over the markets have even led to deaths in clashes between rival grsoups, the Pir Shaheb said.
The Amir of IAB urged the government to keep the extortionists of the ruling party under control and allow the allow the people to purchase sacrificial animals peacefully, and also take precaution so that people going to their village homes do not become victims of extortion and snatching on the way. – Press release


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