'People have right to know how Bangladesh Bank money stolen'

‘People have right to know how Bangladesh Bank money stolen’


The Pir Shaheb of Charmonai, Mufti Syed Mohammad Rezaul Karim said on Wednesday that the government should inform the people immeidatly through a circular as to how 8 crore 10 lakh dollars reserve fund of the Bangladesh have been stolen. This is unacceptable because related to it is the question of indepedence and sovereignty of Bangladesh.

The Pir shaheb said, it was not clear why the government did not know that the huge reserve fund money of the Bangladesh Bank had been stolen about two months ago. The government should immediately clarify the matter, or else the people would beleive that there were some hands from the corridors of power hebind the theft, he added, said a press release.
The Pir Shaheb demanded arrest and exemplary punishment of those who made derogatory remarks centring on the ‘M’raj’ of Prophet Muhammad (sm).


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