Peya joins leading law firm

Peya joins leading law firm


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Jannatul Ferdous Peya, one of the top models of the country who has made her mark in acting and anchoring as well, is now on her way to make a career in law.

Peya, who was an LLB student, joined Dr Kamal Hossain & Associates as an intern yesterday.

The brainy beauty says: “I always had a weakness for this profession and I had been working hard accordingly. I sat for the LLB exam from London College of Legal Studies which is operated by University of London. The results are going to be published in August. I have applied to become a member of the bar council. Besides, I want to go to Bristol to pursue the barrister training next year.”

The popular on-screen face might soon appear as a full-fledged law practitioner. Regarding her experience during the first day at work, Peya said she was given the offer letter on Tuesday while she joined formally on Wednesday.

“It felt great. I cannot explain in words how hard I worked to join this profession. It feels great because all is well at the end,” says Peya.

When asked how she would maintain a balance between her new career and acting, Peya said: “Some deals have been signed. I have to manage time for them. And from now on I’ll be choosy about work. I don’t wish to leave acting. I have acquired a position after a lot of hard work till now. I will preserve that position with my creativity.”


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