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Plight of Rajshahi-Dhaka train passengers


We started a journey from Rajshahi station at 7:40 am by Silk City Express Train on Saturday 2, 2017 but when we reached Dhaka, it was about 3 and a half in the afternoon. It was a government holiday so we did not have to go to our office on that day. But usually, we miss the office and the same true of other people on office days. We requested to the concerned authorities to start the train at 6:00 am from Rajshahi station.When after an hour from the train started, a transgender person (Hizra) came to our compartment and started collecting money from the passengers like a chandabaj and people had to give money to him. And again a group of transgender persons entered the compartment at Sirajgong station and started the collection (rather we can call mini dacoity). Moreover, countless beggars along with a few financial help seekers (daughter’s marriage, mother’ treatment etc.) came and had their turns.
People who sell peanuts and Jhal-muri also came and sold their stuff among the passengers. We saw the clean floor of the compartment were messy with peels of peanuts and other stuff and the toilet corridor was also crammed with people and among them, some were smoking. It was hard for anyone to go to the toilets.
We urge the concerned authorities to stop all the disturbance and chandabaji/illegal money collection in the Rajshahi-Dhaka train.
Mawduda Hasnin
Mawduda Hasnin <>


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