PM approves second railway bridge at Kalurghat in Ctg

PM approves second railway bridge at Kalurghat in Ctg


Chittagong Correspondent

Prime Minister has given final approval for constructing second Kalurghat railway bridge over river Karnaphuli in chittagong . In the cabinet meeting held on Thursday , this approval was given, Deputy Comissioner of Chittagong sources said. Conscious circles observed after construction of second KB , the communications in the nearby upazilas of Boalkhali, Patiya as well as south chittagong will be eased to the maximum extends and the traffic congestions on existing kalurghat bridge and Ctg-Coxsbazar highway will be eased . Besides, new horizon of industrialization and agrobased industry will be grown up in Boalkhaliand Patiya gradually. Shah Amanat road Bridge was built in 2010 . Mentionable that Railway ministry assured the people of south chittagong many times against the demand of Kalurghat –Boalkhali railway bridge and the railway minister visited the bridge site several times but the railway ministry could not submit the proposalof the bridge to Prime Minister , concerned sources said. Before sending the proposal by Railway ministry, Prime Minister has given final consent of second KB though the railway authority isnot aware about it, sources added. Project Director and Chief Engineer of Railway East Zone Shahidul Islam told that a Korean Bank shown interest to finance the KB project and a feasibility team of the said Bank already visited the site in the meantime but we are not aware about the final approval of the Prime Minister. Mentionable that Boalkhali-Kallurghat Bridge Implementation Parishad are struggling since long days for constructing second railway bridge over Karnaphuli on Boalkali point and a memorandum was given to Deputy commissioner Mesbahuddin on August 12 last and another memorandum was given to the Principal secretary of Prime Minister Abul Kalam Azad on October 31 last. Later two memorandums with brief summary of the desired bridge was sent to Prime Minister by the district administration end, sources said. The matter of PM’s approval was officially apprised to Deputy commissioner, Chittagong on Thursday by the cabinet division , DA sources said. Meanwhile Boalkhali Kalurghat Bridge Implementation Parishad congratulated the Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina for giving approval of second KB , Joint convenor of Parishad Mostafa Naim told the New Nation. Mentionable that the existing Kalurghat rail bridge was built in 1930 after first world war and it was opened for all sorts of private and public transports in 1958. The 85 years old existing Kalurghat bridge now in deteriorated conditions and was declared risky for movement of heavy transports over the bridge by a survey of Chittagong University of Engineering & Technology , a sources said.


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