PM unhappy at 'huge' media coverage for Khaleda

PM unhappy at ‘huge’ media coverage for Khaleda


Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Sunday questioned the taste of newspapers and TV channels for giving huge coverage to Khaleda Zia who is responsible for causing miseries to the whole nation during her 92-day destructives activities.“I inaugurated some development programmes digitally yesterday (Saturday) while Khaleda Zia wearing a red saree came out of her home for election campaign for a BNP-backed mayoral candidate. But, the media gave her better coverage though she is responsible for killing people, burning vehicles. That means destructive politics got the better coverage in the media. There’s no scope for the development activities. Why this mean attitude?” she asked.
The Prime Minister was speaking at the 43rd founding anniversary of Bangladesh Krishak League (BKL), one of the associate bodies of the ruling Awami League (AL), at Bangladesh Krishibid Institution auditorium.
Sheikh Hasina further said, “The person who burned people to death, the person whom people hate, the person who can kill people should only get the hatred of people. The person who kills people, murders people, gets the acclamation, what a strange country we are living in!”
Earlier on Statuary,Khaleda along with some party leaders and activists came out of her residence around 4:15pm without any prior announcement and carried out nearly a five-hour hectic electioneering in different areas of the DNCC seeking votes for her party-blessed mayoral contestant Tabith Awal, son of her party leader and businessman Abdul Awal Mintoo. – UNB


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