Police can never be a part of a political party: Dr. Kamal

Police can never be a part of a political party: Dr. Kamal



Police never be a part of a political party—police must be rule of law, Gono Forum president Dr Kamal Hossain has said yesterday.“Diseases have been pushed inside police and administration. None can use police as their political purposes and this force never be a part of a certain political party,” the eminent lawyer said while addressing of party’s extended meeting at Arambagh in the city.

Regarding corruption against police, Hossain said, “many alleged against police for their involvement in corruption—but they are the son of this country too.”

The probe committees have found guilty against some police personnel that brought allegations against them, he said.

“How these sons will become mentally sick? Police is not our enemy. Police have to be free from diseases like the way they sick,” Kamal Hossain said.

He also said that the judiciary must have to play impartial role independently.

“We want police for the rule of law. But if this police are caught red handed—then what is the symptom? It is the symptom of diseases. If I say there is no need for police—it would be incorrect. So, police department has to be free from diseases. Free the administration from diseases and corruptions,” the veteran lawyer said.

According to constitution expert Dr Kamal Hossain, “people of the country are the owner of power as per constitution. The owner’s role would have to like the owner. Sometimes the owners have to take risk in playing role.”

The people of the country want peace, stability, good governance and rule of law, he said, adding that the constitution does not approve one party government rule in independent country.

“Certainly there will be political government—but they must exercise their power obeying constitution,” the constitution expert said.

Militancy never be education for any religion, he said, adding that those who are involved such activities they are sick.

“Politics for extortion and occupation is not politics. It is sick politics and serious disease. Somebody may differ with it—but this politics is now in the country,” Kamal Hossain said.

Gono Forum will never do such politics, he added.


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