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Police –port users clash left 9 wounded at Benapole


At least nine people including some police men were wounded in clashes between the police and port users at Benapole land port on Sunday noon, eyewitnesses said.Eyewitnesses said port users led by Rashed Ali, councilor, Benapole Municipality went on berserk with local weapons at the land port ransacking the office of Benapole immigration police wounding some policemen as the luggage accompanied by a relative of the councilor was seized by the immigration police. The police opened several rounds of gunshots to disperse the unruly mob. At least nine people including municipal councilor and also labour leader Rashed Ali were wounded in the clashes.Labourers of the port attacked the office of the immigration police and damaged glasses and furniture.Panic gripped the largest land port of the country during the clashes that lasted for several minutes. Foreign tourists who came to the port took fled the scene for safe shelters.While reached on the mobile phone, Apurba Hasan, officer in-charge, Benapole port police station told New Age that nothing happened here.The police told local journalists that the police arrested four people including the municipal councilor in connection with the clashes.Jessore Correspondent.


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