Polls become uncertain for govt move to run JS after Oct 24: Rafiqul

Polls become uncertain for govt move to run JS after Oct 24: Rafiqul


Dhaka – BNP standing committee member Rafiqul Islam Mia has said that holding of the tenth parliamentary poll has become uncertain due to the government’s attempt to continue session of the ninth parliament after October 24.

“The government’s effort to run the ninth parliament after October 24 is ill-motivated and holding of the next general poll has become uncertain due to this,” he added.

According to the parliamentary business advisory committee decision, the ninth parliament was scheduled to end with its last business day on October 24.

The ruling Awami League is afraid of losing power and so it has just taken u-tern from its previous stance to dissolve the parliament after October 24 by giving misinterpretation to the Constitution, he said.

“If the parliament runs after October 24 it will be violation of the Constitution,” Mia said asking the government to clarify its position in this regard.

He criticised Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina for her Sunday’s statement that the current parliament would stay till January 24 making it clear that its session can continue until the election schedule is announced.

“Such type of attitude is blatantly ill-motivated. The premier wants to push the country towards a civil war-like situation without holding the national poll,” he said.

The Prime Minister further said that if the parliament is dissolved by the president, he can summon its session again with the MPs of the last parliament in case of emergency.

Mia also assailed the premier for her incomplete clarification of the constitution and said the president can summon session of the parliament when the country goes to war or attacks by it.

“Is there any war like situation prevailing in the country,” Mia raised a questing pointing finger to the primer. Mia said his party wants holding of the next parliamentary in a peaceful manner under the supervision of n non-party election time caretaker government (CG) system.

He was addressing a discussion meeting on ‘crisis over national poll and democracy under threat’ organised by All Community Forum at the National Press Club on Monday.

Premier Sheikh Hasina is trying to prolong her lifetime in power through illegal means. The same effort has been hatched by her father Sheikh Mujibur Rahman but failed, he opined.

The Awami League chief wants to hang on to power by holding one-party election. To make her mission a success, Sheikh Hasina is siphoning crores of money, he alleged.

About his party’s public rally in the capital on October 25, he said BNP has submitted an application to the authority concerned seeking permission to stage the meeting to press home demand for restoration of the CG system.

Besides, the Awami League has done the same to counter BNP and to put the country into a war-like situation, he alleged. He criticised the Election Commission (EC) for its activities ahead of the upcoming general poll and said the EC is facing barriers to hold an impartial general poll due to the government’s unsolicited interference.

Mia urged Premier Sheikh Hasina to restore the non-party CG provision to the constitution by October 24 without pushing the country towards a civil war like situation.

He also called upon the leaders and activists of the BNP-led 18-party alliance to take on the streets after Eid celebration so that the government would force to meet the CG demand in the face of movement.

The forum leaders Kabirul Haidar Chowdhury, Ramzan Ali Bhuiyan, BNP leaders Habibur Rashid Habib and others spoke at the programme with Ashrafuddin Bakul adviser of the forum in the chair. – Staff Reporter


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