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Popular actor Rahimur Rasel


Rahimur Rasel, a popular actor, came into the limelight around 2010 when he performed in “dohon somoy aaj .” Initially he was an assistant of afzal hossain for three years. In an interview with the greenwatchbd, he said:
“I wrote a TV play while I was working under afzal, ‘mone pore rubi roy,’ that became a hit. Then I decided to act as well. I got real exposure in the series ‘kamini koto dur’ and ever since I was recognised as ‘Rahimur Rasel.’ People mainly acknowledge me for my role as a comedian.” “Recently, I have been working in a TV play, directed by Rownok Hassan ‘moti makhir halchal’. Of course, there is my own serial ‘Ganda chora’ and some other plays for Eid.”“Some of my favourite roles are for ‘college’ and ‘cholitece curcus.’ Many thought that I was an inspiration for people and brought joy in their lives.”
“People, who actually encouraged me to be here, are my close friends and family. I will not forget their advice to me. As they said, “’You enlighten us and our surroundings by your cheerfulness, why don’t you spread this innermost quality of yours. Let people know who you are. The world doesn’t need monotony; they need humour to add a spark to their mundane lives..”
– minhaj reza, NY, USA.


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