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Prices of chicken soar in Chittagong


Prices of broiler chickens have increased as much as Tk 10 per kilogramme in Chittagong before Ramadan, the Muslim month of fasting.But prices of essentials have remained stable.A vegetable vendor at Chittagong City’s Reazuddin Bazar said vegetables were priced between Tk 20 and 40 while prices of green chilli dropped by Tk 5 to Tk 15 a kg.Price of beef remained unchanged at Tk 480 per kilogramme.
A chicken vendor ‘Sumon’, told that they were selling chicken at Tk 165, up from Tk 155 two days ago.Prices of onion, garlic and chickpea were stable.Indian onion was being sold at prices ranging from Tk 26 to Tk 36 a kg, garlic at Tk 90 and chickpea at Tk 60.


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