Online newspaper must register with PID by Dec 15

Online newspaper must register with PID by Dec 15


The government has initiated a registration process for online newspapers, aiming to ensure various government facilities for those and also check yellow journalism.An online newspaper will have to fill up a registration form and submit it along with a certificate or affidavit to the Press Information Department, said a PID handout on Monday.

It said the registration form and the specimen of the certificate will be available on the PID website. Those can primarily be collected from PID’s protocol section.

The PID will issue the registration of the online newspaper concerned after scrutinising the documents.

Online newspapers that are functioning currently in the country will also have to apply for registration within December 15 next, the handout added.

Meanwhile, reported: The government has made it mandatory for all online newspapers to be registered by Dec 15, including those already published online.
This was to stop ‘yellow journalism’ and ensure government support, said a government announcement on Monday.
An Information ministry official clarified that daily newspapers with online versions also have to register afresh by Dec 15.
Besides filling in a prescribed form, the publishers will have to file a declaration with the information department.
Both the form and the proforma of the declaration will be available on the department’s website.
They can also be collected from the Protocol division of the information department.
The details submitted will be verified before registration can be done.
Senior Information Officer (protocol) Mohammad Shahenur Mia told that the government is trying to enforce a uniform regulation for the online media.
“Only registered online newspapers can apply for accreditation,” he said.
While deciding on the number of accreditations for various online media, the government will take into consideration the Alexa ratings, the Google Analytics data, the content and the number of journalists employed by the concerned media.
Currently, 138 online newspapers have accreditation for their journalists. In Bangladesh, nearly 3,000 media groups have been given accreditation for their journalists.
“Police’s special branch officials will inspect offices of various online media for verification,” the official said.
Shahenur Mia said the accreditation of journalists of online media that fail to get registration will be cancelled. – News Desk – Agencies


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