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Programme taken to cultivate Aman in Narsingdi


Department of Agriculture Extension (DAE) has taken a massive programme to cultivate Aman paddy on 39,650 hectares of land in the district during the current season.DAE office sources said of the total, 34,150 hectares of land will be cultivated under High Yielding Variety (HYV) and the rest under local variety.The farmers of the district are now working round the clock for preparing seed bed and also preparing lands for transplanting seedlings of the paddy.Deputy Director of DAE Lotafat Hossain said it is the best time for preparing lands for transplanting Aman seedling.To make the cultivation a success DAE is providing the farmers logistic support including seeds, fertilizers and necessary equipment while BADC distributed 300 tonnes of high quality Aman seeds (B-49, BR-11 and Bina-7) among the farmers, he added. Besides, Bangladesh Krishi Bank, Sonali Bank, Agrani Bank, Janata Bank and BRDB are providing short term loans to the farmers for the cultivation.The DD said DAE is expecting a production of 99,677 tonnes of Aman rice in the district this year. -BSS, Narsingdi


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