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Quader apologises for failure in keeping highways free


Road Transport Minister Obaidul Quader, who had promised Eid-ul-Azha holidaymakers traffic snarl-free commute, has begged their forgiveness for failing to keep his word.
He inspected the Dhaka-Tangail and Nabinagar-Chandra highways on Thursday.The Dhaka-Tangail-Bangabandhu Bridge Highway saw huge tailback due to the rush of vehicles, adverse weather, mishaps and vehicles breaking down.
“Transport sector leaders did not keep their word. Although they promised to keep fitness-less or heavy vehicles off the road, they did not.”
“According to information I have received, 19 vehicles without proper fitness permits broke down on the Nabinagar-Chandra Highway, which is causing the people to suffer.
“The highways are fine. Police are working in full swing. But I am still unhappy. I am feeling helpless today.”
He admitted that thousands of holidaymakers were being held up at the Nabinagar-Chandra Highway for hours.
“I cannot stand this. I am sincerely expressing my apology and what else is there to do except asking the people for their forgiveness?”
The minister went on to blame drivers for traffic gridlock, saying they needed to ‘change mentality’.
“No one allows anyone to go ahead. They compete on the highways to reach destinations first.”
He claimed they had taken many steps to avoid sufferings on roads including the by-passes to Chandra. “This situation has given me more lessons. It will not do to sit with my arms crossed. I will try to ensure that such situation does not occur in the future.” – News Desk


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