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Refrain from any actions that spark more violence: EU


The spokesperson of the European Eunion has called upon all sides to refrain from actions, centring on the elections, that could spark more violence in Bangladesh.
The statement issued from Brussels on Friday was as follows:
“In the run up to the vote for the mayoral elections in Dhaka and Chittagong, all sides must refrain from any actions that could spark further violence in Bangladesh.We look to political leaders to create favourable conditions for peaceful, inclusive, transparent and credible elections to take place. Voters must be given the opportunity to express freely their democratic choice.
All political actors should take concrete steps to end violence, de-escalate tensions and engage in a constructive manner, for the long-term stability and democratic development of Bangladesh,” says a press release from the EU headquarters, Brussels.
The Spokesperson’s Service (SPP) is the official voice of the European Commission (Executive arm of the European Union) vis-à-vis the media. It provides information about the Commission’s political priorities and decisions to the press, organise press events and issue press material.
The SPP is an integral part of DG Communication, placed under the authority of the President.
The EU statement followed a similar statement issued by Japan on Friday. – News Desk


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