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Regarding so-called 73 sects in Islam


In Rasail wa Masail, volume 6 , in Bangla translation (from original Urdu), pages 58-60, Justice Gulam Ali says that issue of Muslims becoming 73 sects and only one will be saved has not been mentioned in Quran or Sahih Bukhari and Muslim.It has been mentioned in Abu Dawud, Ibn Mazah and Tirmiji .Tirmiji says it as Hasan Garib (good but poor because it has been received only by one chain).
Malik sahib says 72 or 73 are not specific number in Arabic, it indicates many.
This poor Hadith also says that the saved group will be the group the one who will follow the Prophet (sm) and his Sahabas.
No group name has been mentioned in the Hadith.
Malik Gulam Ali says that, in his best opinion,everyone in each group who follows Prophet (sm) and Sahabas (in addition to the Quran) will be saved and get Jannah.
Even if there are some Batil groups, their total followers are a few hundred thousands, they will go Jahannam .The huge majority will go to Jannat if their Amal is good. – Shah Abdul Hannan


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