Restoration of democracy is mandatory to save the country: BNP

Restoration of democracy is mandatory to save the country: BNP


BNP yesterday said the country would soon turn into a militant state if the government obstructs establishment of democracy.“International conspiracy is on to destroy the Muslim nations which include Bangladesh. So, the country will be turned into a militant state soon if the government blocks the path of democracy,” said BNP vice chairman Maj (Retd) Hafizuddin Ahmed while addressing a discussion meeting at Jatiya Press Club.

He further said the country would turn into a Syria-Yemen if democracy is not restored.

The BNP leader criticised the ruling party leaders for undermining the party chairperson Khaleda Zia, who is no staying in London for treatment, and alleged that the government is considering good gesture of BNP as its weakness.

Jatiyatabadi Secchasebok Dal organised the meeting demanding the release of all political prisoners including acting secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir and JSD leader Yasin Ali.

Hafiz alleged that the government wants to see the elderly and ailing BNP leaders including Mirza Fakhrul and MK Anwar die slowing in jails.

He accused the ruling party leaders of carrying out canards that BNP was responsible for killings in the country in an organised way.

The BNP leader warned that Khaleda Zia would return home soon and declare new pahse of movement which would lead to the burial of the government.

He said the government does not believe in rights of franchise; rather it wants to retain to power through killing and enforced disappearances and snatching the rights of ballots.

Presided over by Moni Hossain, vice president of the organisaiton, the meeting was also addressed, among others, by Fazlul Haque Milon and Syed Moazzem Hossain Alal.


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