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Restoration of electoral system – Great challenge: BNP


Dhaka – BNP standing committee member Amir Khosru Mahmud Chowdhury thinks that restoration of country’s election system and people’s confidence would be the great challenge for the Election Commission in the year 2018.
The election system has been broken and people lost their confidence over it. The EC should restore the election system and regain the confidence of the people.In an exclusive interview with The Independent he called upon the government to restore the democracy of countrymen and present an elected government as well as an elected parliament.
“Democracy will not be established in the country unless there will not be an elected parliament and government,” he observed.
The former minister hoped that the year 2018 would a year of democracy, restoration of human rights, voting rights and the rights to get safety and security and establishing rule of law.
He said the government to has to hold the next general elections under an election time supportive government by dissolving the present parliament and allowing armed forces to play their role to ensure a free, fair and acceptable election.
The next election must be held under a neutral administration
The BNP leader said the armed forces should be included in the definition of law enforcers during the election so that they can play due role to prevent capturing polling centers and people can go to polling centers without fear.
He put emphasis on the need to ensure level playing field from now on to create a congenial atmosphere for the next general elections likely to be held later 2018.
“Level playing field should be created from now on and it should be visible for the sake of holding a free, fair and impartial election. Level playing should be maintained throughout the year, he said.
The BNP leader accused the government of losing all foreign friends and put emphasis on the need to regain it immediately.
He said the country’s economy indulged in corruption and financial institutions have been destroyed.
“There is no more free market economy in the country it has turned into a partyarchy, he added. – Staff Reporter


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