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Resuming Writing…..


As I was busy with arranging proper treatment for my ailing younger sister who has been suffering from spine disorder for the last few years, I could not submit any letter/article to your esteemed newspaper for publication. Meanwhile some of my friends and readers personally made enquiries why I am not writing to newspaper columns. Well, it was the reason and now I am resuming writing.Well, I would like to make one important observation that in case of back-pain, DDD, slipped discs or any other spine problem, the attendant of the patient should be very careful in choosing treatment options and treatment providers. Any wrong treatment can put the patient’s life in jeopardy. If I can climb to the success stair in my sister’s treatment, I will share my experience by writing a full article of the spine treatment issue which I am sure will be of a great value to the patients and their attendants who are struggling to get appropriate treatment.
One sad experience—when a close one in the family falls prey to some critical and dreadful diseases then the other members of the family particularly the attendants face a crucial situation which include financial crisis plus criticisms failing to select the right type of treatment and physicians.
However, in my case, I have received tremendous support from my varsity colleagues, my students in home and abroad and some special personalities in continuing the treatment of my sister. I am indeed grateful to them.
Yours truly,
Professor M Zahidul Haque
Department of Agricultural Extension & Information System
Sher-e-Bangla Agricultural University


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