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River-linking to be disastrous for Bangladesh: Charmonai Pir


The Pir Shaheb of Charmonai Mufti Moulana Syed Muhammad Rezaul Karim said on Saturday expressed his grave concern that the government of India has announced its plan to implement the river interlinking project and said that Bangladesh would face serious damages if the project to connect the rivers of Assam, Bengal and Bihar is implemented.In a statement issued to the press the Pir Shaheb said the Indian government has unilaterally taken up the project and alleged it was intended to turn Bangladesh into a desert.
Referring to a recent announcement made by the Indian water minister Mufti Syed Muhammad Rezaul Karim said the government of the neighbouring country has been behaving unjustly with Bangladesh violating international water law and rules.
The Ameer of Islami Andolan Bangladesh said the AL government signed the Ganges Water sharing treaty, but due to the absence of guarantee clause Bangladesh is not getting the required water of the river and the south-western part of the country is turning into a desert.
He said that the implementation of the river linking project depriving Bangladesh share of common waters would be harmful not only to Bangladesh but also to the environment but also the ecological balance and biodiversity. – Press release


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