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Robi tops global chart of socially devoted brands


Dhaka-Robi has been honoured with the title of being the world no 1 socially devoted brand for the first quarter (January-March) of 2016. The recognition came from ‘Socialbakers’ – a globally recognised online analytics publishing company.
Earlier, Robi had secured the same coveted distinction for the third quarter (July-September) of 2015.
The ranking is based on a company’s score against three criteria: no of fans/ followers on its social media platform, response rate- the percentage of user posts responded to by a particular brand and response time- meaning the average time it takes for the company to respond to incoming queries.
But for a brand to be recognised as socially devoted, it has to respond to at least 65 percent of audience questions on Facebook and/or Twitter.
Robi has secured this position with more than 6 million on ‘RobiFanz’- the company’s official Facebook page; an average response time of 15 minutes and a spectacular response rate of 99.59 percent.


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