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Rosatom makes significant breakthrough in cancer treatment


Dhaka – Russia’s state nuclear power corporation– Rosatom’s nuclear medicine specialists have made an important step forward in cancer treatment.  Russian federal service for surveillance in healthcare has given authorisation to Rosatom’s scientific department – Institute of Physics and Power Engineering to produce first Russian microsources with radioactive isotope iodine-125 for Brachytherapy.Brachytherapy makes it possible to treat a cancer with a larger dose of radiation than with external beam radiation therapy (ERBT). Radiation can be applied directly to cancer cells and no radiation does not affect surrounding normal tissue. In Brachytherapy, a radioactive substance is placed directly into or very close to the tumour. The radioactive substance can also be placed in the area from where the tumour was removed.
Brachytherapy is also termed as internal radiation therapy, short-distance radiation therapy, implant therapy or sealed radiation therapy.
Today, Brachytherapy is successfully applied in prostate cancer and other forms of cancer treatment. Russia’s first successful attempt to treat prostate cancer using full Russian microsources of the isotope iodine-125 took place in October 2015.
Specialist of the Institute of Physics and Power Engineering in cooperation with health professionals are working at projects to apply Brachytherapy method on different types of cancer.
The isotope is produced by the Research Institute of Atomic Reactors in Dimitrovgrad, while microsources of the isotope are produced at the Leypunsky Institute of Physics and Power Engineering in Obninsk. – Triune Group press releae


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