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RU Genetic Eng. students lock their classrooms


Students of Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology department of Rajshahi University locked their class rooms and offices and staged demonstration in their academic building demanding nine points including routine-based class, removal of session jam on Tuesday.
They also submitted a formal application to the Chairman of this department.Their demand includes providing result within four months after finishing their classes speedily, stopping mobile class, not taking tutorial after suspending class, taking written tutorial exam after each month of class teaching.
They alleged that most of the teachers of the department do not take their class regularly and spend time outside of the university during class period.
Teachers of the department said we are facing session jam problem due to political instability. Students have also some illogical demands which are not worth of accepting as they staging demonstration as they ggot 35% and 45% marks respectively.
Acting chairman of the department Professor Md. Ashadul Islam said, we have accepted most of their demands and some are now under the consideration.
Protesting students Kazi Ibnul Porag and Sheik Abul Mansur expressed their determination to continue to press their demands untill they are accepted. – RU Correspndent


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