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Ruling quarter masterminding the recent spate of targeted killing


Dhaka-The BNP yesterday blamed the ruling quarters for masterminding the recent spate of targeted killings in the country.“Without involvement of important forces closed to corridors of power, it is not possible for killers to disappear from the scene leaving no clue of the murders,” said BNP secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir at a press conference at party’s headquarters at Naya Paltan in the city.
He rejected outright the allegation of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina that BNP-Jamaat was involved in the recent killings and termed her statement over recent targeted killings as “untrue, baseless, fabricated and politically motivated”. “Her (PM) speech is provocative and not acceptable,” he added.
The BNP leader questioned as to why the trial of Sagor-Runi journalists couple killing case is not held if the Prime Minister maintains all information.
The BNP organised the press conference a day after the prime minister’s statement to respond her allegation.
The Prime Minister at a press conference at Ganabhaban on Tuesday hinted that the BNP-Jamaat was behind the recent targeted killings.
The premier claimed those who are committing the targeted killings somehow have links with these two parties. “I am not making any baseless statement, and as a head of government, surely I have information on what I am talking about,” she added.
Fakhrul criticised the government for its failure to find out the real culprits through carrying out impartial investigation into the incidents.
“Most of the killings took place in brought day light. But out of her frustration the Prime Minister is shifting the responsibility to the opposition as she failed to find out the real perpetrators,” he said.
The BNP leader, however, assured the government that if they (government) want, his party is ready to help the government fight militancy.
Fakhrul said the prime minister’s speech merely furthered their vindictive political agenda. “Instead of delivering justice for the crimes, the government is trying to shift the blame on to the opposition,” he said.
He said alleged that the people arrested have not been identified or proved to be involved in the crimes but the prime minister has a few fixed speeches that she spouts during every press conference.
Explaining the reason for implicating BNP in these crimes, he said. the party is a liberal and democratic party and fight for democracy in the country and that’s why the government is out to destroy the party.
He said the government is trying to mislead the international powers and concious citizens by shifting the blame on to BNP.
Now, as the world community has expressed their concern over the killings and terrorism in Bangladesh, they are once again trying to divert everyone by continuing to blame opposition, he said.
Fakhrul said the prime minister’s statement involving BNP with the recent spate of killing is tantamount to defend the militancy.
“The speech violates political courtesy and jeopardises a healthy political environment. It would enlarge divisiveness and encourage extremism,” he said.
BNP senior joint secretary general Ruhul Kabir Rizvi, Abdus Salam and Asadul Karim Shahin, among others, were present on the occasion.-STAFF REPORTER


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