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Russia tests fuel assemblies for BN-800 fast reactor


Mining and Chemical Combine (MCC), a subsidiary of state nuclear power corporation of  Russia- Rosatom has completed tests of fuel assemblies for the BN-800 fast neutron reactor in their at their MOX (Mixed Oxide) fuel fabrication plan. The BN-800 reactor has been set up at unit 4 of the Beloyarsk nuclear power plant in the Sverdlovsk, Russia.The MOX production line – located in a mine 200 meters underground at MCC’s Zheleznogorsk site – became fully operational at the end of last year. The facility was built as part of Russia’s ‘Proryv’, or Breakthrough, project to enable a closed nuclear fuel cycle. The ultimate aim is to eliminate production of radioactive waste from nuclear power generation. Russia has no commercial reactors using MOX fuel, but pellets of the fuel will enter serial production for use at the BN-800 reactor. MOX is a mixture of plutonium and uranium dioxides.
“Taking into account the 30 kg batch of MOX fuel pellets produced in September 2014 met technical specification requirements, certifies the competence of the new facility” MCC sources said.
The first reactor at Beloyarsk, unit- 4 will have a capacity of 789 MWe. On the other hand, Beloyarsk, Unit- 3 has another fast reactor- BN-600 with a capacity of 560MWe. – Triune press release


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