Sajeeb says, BNP to resort to bombing if elected

Sajeeb says, BNP to resort to bombing if elected


Dhaka – Sajeeb Wazed Joy, the only son of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, has claimed that the opposition Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) would resort to indiscriminate bombing leading to massive casualties if they won the forthcoming Jatiya Sangsad elections.

He also claimed that the militant organisations are also getting patronisation from BNP-Jamaat.

 The Prime Minister’s son made the claim in a statement in his social media facebook account.

 He said the terrorist activities in the country have been increasing in the country significantly.

In this regard, he mentioned the examples of the two recent incidents—explosion in Ijharul Islam’s madrasha in Chittagong and recovery of bombs and acid. Besides, he also mentioned the incident of arrest of some leaders and activists of militant organisation HUJI along with huge quantity of arms and bombs.

 Joy wrote, law enforcers have been arresting such militants in almost every week. Such evil activities could be foiled due to firm stance of our Awami League led government. Their plan for killing people is beyond imagine.  

He said the militant organisation have been getting patronisation from BNP-Jamaat and they have carried out militant attacks one after another during the last tenure of the BNP. They carried out attacks on our court, at a cinema hall in Mymensingh, on my mother and series bomb attacks at 500 places at a time across the country and the list is on.

They have been carrying out terrorism in a planned way ahead of the election. There is no doubt, if BNP comes to power it will pave the path for unbridled anarchy. And these would be the symptom of the future Bangladesh, he said.

Joy further wrote, you may criticise the government for small matters but the Awami League is only party that can safeguard the democracy and people hopes and aspirations.

If you cast your vote for BNP, you will not be safe in roads and your children in educational institutions. They would resort to massive bomb attacks killing your lives. It is the Awami League government which has kept you in peace and safety for the last five, he added. – Staff Reporter


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